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A long term study was conducted following forty-two patients with a whiplash injury. These people were assessed at the time of injury, after 3 months, 2 years and a mean of 7.5 years. Some of the symptoms the researchers were observing included the range of neck movement, pain, its effect on lifestyle, and psychometric testing were also determined in each of the patients.

Between 2 and 7.5 years, 5 (12%) described improved symptoms, 12 (29%) complained of continuing pain and 14 (33%) reported increased severity of symptoms since the accident.

Neck pain was the commonest complaint in 23 (55%) and low back pain in 18 (43%). Radiation of pain was more common in the severely symptomatic patients.
There was no significant difference in either the ages or sex of the patients between the symptomatic and asymptomatic groups.

Anxiety and depression correlated well with symptom severity. None of the asymptomatic patients revealed any degree of psychological disturbance compared with 30 (77%) in the symptomatic groups.

It was determined that in order to effectively manage those most severely affected by whiplash, patients should be identified within the first 12 weeks following injury if the outcome of their injury is to be modified. The study found that 64% of whiplash-injured patients have the same symptom severity at 7.5 years that they had at 3 months. Therefore, most [64%] whiplash-injured patients require intensive management during the first 3 months following injury if there is any hope of altering this long-term chronicity.

So if you’ve been injured in an accident and think you may be suffering from whiplash – don’t wait! Make sure to schedule your appointment immediately to reduce to possibility of long term issues when it comes to whiplash injury.

Some of the ways Health 1st of the Triad is prepared to help you recover quickly and painlessly from whiplash injuries include modern therapeutic modalities designed to reduce pain and speed recovery times.

Our doctors have extensive training on identifying key components of whiplash injury and are uniquely qualified to help patients recover.

It’s a scary time when you’ve been injured, and one of the best ways to get back your piece of mind is to find a doctor that understands your specific injury and is ready and able to help you recover. Don’t wait and risk permanent injury – call today or schedule online and get back on the road to better living.