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Orthotics l Health First Chiropractic Triad NC

We Have You Covered – From Head to TOE!!!

Orthotics are one of the many ways we work to keep our patients on their feet. If you are experiencing foot, knee or hip pain, you may be in need of support. Our doctors are trained to detect dysfunction of the feet that can lead to issues in imbalance and pain. Our staff have been trained to evaluate biomechanics and gait-referenced casting to provide the most accurate results when creating an orthotic for a person’s specific issue.

By using orthotics, you are able to support the foot and kinetic chain during activities such as walking, running, climbing or any activities that require the foot to bear the weight of the body. With properly designed orthotics, many foot issues included, pain, bunions, fallen arches, flat feet and more can be help and often times corrected.

If you are having pain that is not going away, maybe you should be speaking to one of our qualified doctors to determine if orthotics could be beneficial for you. Our offices participate with most major health insurers and many of today’s health plans cover the cost of orthotics if deemed medically necessary. Stop living with foot pain – find our more today!