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Injuries occur whether you are participating in sports, take a bad fall or even during daily activities. The fact of the matter is, it is very easy to suffer from an injury, and when that happens, your soft tissue structures have been damaged. Here at Health 1st, we know rehabilitation exercises are crucial to helping you recover from, and prevent future injury.

To successfully get back to living your life before the injury, you need to find professional help. At Health 1st, we will give you stretches and exercises that you can do here in our office and at home. These stretches will help you heal the damaged soft tissue structures so that your body will return to its pre-injury state.

Strengthening the muscles will make your joints more stable and decrease the amount of tension that is placed on your tendons and ligaments when you are injured. Performing these exercises on a routine basis will continue to ensure your joint is supported and stabilized and will also help prevent any future injury.

We help our patients and educate them on how the rehabilitation exercises we give them cannot only strengthen, but also correct any irregularities in your body that could be contributing to your pain. When used in conjunction with chiropractic care, rehabilitative exercises will increase the overall effectiveness of the care you receive here at Health 1st.


Throughout your care with us, we will continue to monitor your progress to ensure the exercises we have given you are appropriate for what you and your body needs. If necessary, we can make adjustments so that we continue to see progress.

Here at Health 1st in the Triad community of North Carolina, we want to help you thrive in life! We will strive to help you improve your overall quality of life, achieve your goals and ensure your body is functioning optimally to recover quickly from injury and prevent injury from occurring in the future. If you are interested in finding out more about our rehabilitative exercises, don’t hesitate to contact us TODAY!


We have served the residents of the Triad and surrounding counties since 2001.



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