Different Types of Muscle Therapy

Swedish myotherapy – The goal of this type of muscle therapy is used to relax you. The therapist applies gentle pressure and is much less intense than other forms of massage. The therapist focuses on areas of the body that tend to hold stress and by using gently pressure is able to relax the muscles providing a relief from stress and tension.

Myofascial Release – Myofascial release involves working on the connective tissue and structure to help relieve muscle fiber tension and tenderness. This therapy is beneficial for those who have been through a trauma or have limited motion from accidents or surgery.

Sports Myotherapy — Sports myotherapy works on the underlying support structures of the body. By addressing ligaments, tendons and muscles, the therapist is able to help stretch the tissue increasing range of motion in the patient and reducing the likelihood of injury. This is very beneficial for both amateur and professional athletes and has shown great benefits in performance and agility.

Rehabilitative Massage – Rehabilitative massage is designed to speed the healing of injuries and restoring complete range of motion. Multiple methods including ART, Graston, SASTM and other forms of therapy are utilized to assist in reduction and correction of spasms and trigger points. This therapy is often used in conjunction with exercise to restore a person’s abilities.