3 Chiropractic Tips That Guarantee Relief

      • Are You Tired of Living In Pain?
      • Are You Frustrated That The Pain Is Interfering In Your Every Day Life?
      • Are You Ready to Get Out Of Pain and Start Living Again?

Then You’re in the right place!

My name is Doctor Mays and I am one of the founders and directors of Health 1st Chiropractic and Rehabilitation of the Triad.  We understand your pain.  In fact, we’ve helped hundreds, even thousands of people in the Triad overcome their pain and these simple tips may be the key to helping you end your pain once and for all.

You see, there are several PRIMARY causes of pain.

There’s the pain from TRAUMA.

Trauma is when your body is subjected to an event that it is UNABLE to recover from.

For example, if you’ve been in an automobile accident, the muscles, and ligaments in your body have been shaken and jostled and for many people, that activity alone can put them on the road to LONG TERM pain and suffering.

Your body is made to handle motion from every day activities, but when there is a trauma – your body may not be prepared.

And if the body is not prepared – it will be injured!!!

It’s as simple as that!

So although many people don’t feel pain right away, often time injuries from TRAUMA can arise later on and ultimately lead to long term pain an suffering.


Another PRIMARY cause of pain is:  BIOCHEMICAL.

You body is an amazing system of organs and tissues that function together to create an amazing creation that is YOU!!!

All of the systems of the body are made to function together and when they work in harmony – you have a healthy and happy YOU……. BUT

if the systems of the body are NOT functioning correctly, then there can be an issue.

Take for instance – DIABETES.

Diabetes occurs when the body can no longer process sugar correctly in the “systems” of the body – (I know that is an oversimplification – but stay with me here)

When the body does not process sugar correctly, the systems in the body begin to break down.

The sugar that the body NEEDS to function does not get where is should be going and instead starts ending up where it shouldn’t be!  This can cause problems with the nerves in the body and when a nerve is unhappy – it begins to signal the brain that it’s not happy – and the brain interprets the signals as PAIN.

So when the body’s biochemistry is OFF – there can be pain.

The Third PRIMARY cause of pain we’ll discuss is :  FATIGUE/OVERUSE

I know all of you out there are just shaking your head, going “I know ALL about FATIGUE – but how is that causing me pain?”

Well, we need to talk about the way the body works again…

One way to describe this type of pain is just over use – if you are using your muscles to work in the yard, or clean the house, or wash the car and you use your muscles MORE than they can tolerate – your body sends signals to your brain that there is an OVERUSE injury and the brain again interprets the signals as PAIN.  We’ve all had days where we worked hard, and the next day we were sore and achy.  This is different.

If you are experiencing pain that last for MORE than 3 days – then there is an INJURY that has occurred and we’re going to talk about what you need to do to get it taken care of!!!

Fatigue can also cause the body pain, because our bodies work like an ever running machine.  If you use  a machine All Day – Every Day, at some point the machine can start to break down.  If the machine does not recieve the proper mantenace or periodic episodes of care, then the machine will wear out faster.

This is just like your body.  If you are working your body and are not providing it the proper maintenance  or periodic episodes of care – you will begin to break down faster than you should.


So – whether your pain is from TRAUMA, BIOCHEMICAL or FATIGUE/OVERUSE – there are 3 things that can help you get back on your feet and back to living pain free.



The first tip that we recommend with ANY of the pain issues listed before is to use either ICE or HEAT – or in some cases BOTH!!!

This simple step is OFTEN overlooked by most people and can be a simple solution to help people on the road to recovery.

Since practicing for nearly 30 years, I’ve found that people are confused about when to use ICE and when to use HEAT and vise versa…

This is my simple solution to determining which one you should use and how to use it correctly.

If you’ve been involved in a trauma or other immediate injury – you should start with ICE.

Ice should be used for pain in the FIRST 72 hours of the injury.

So if you’ve worked out too hard, or  been involved in an automobile accident, or got hurt on the job – the first thing  you can use for pain relief is ICE!

Ice does 3 things:

  1. It gets COLD (yes- it’s ICE – so that shouldn’t be too surprising)
  2. It can ache or even BURN – that is when most people stop using the ice or they take off the ice pack – the problem is that this sensation can occur in the first 3 to 5 minutes after applying ice.  so you’ll want to keep the ice on the injured area until this next step
  3. FINALLY – ice causes the area to go numb or the pain stops – this is usually within 10 to 15 minutes after applying ice.  You should never keep ice on an area for too long, so we recommend no more than 30 minutes on the same area at a time.  Also – Ice should NEVER be applied directly to an injured area.  It should be wrapped in a wet/moist towel that gives protection to the area that the ice is being applied to.

That means – you can use ice for the first 3 days after an injury to help relieve the pain.

But for those of  you who have been in pain from more than 3 days or experience CHRONIC pain from conditions like arthritis, infection, surgery etc., you should be using heat.

Moist heat is preferred and should be applied to the area in pain.  Just like ice – heat should never be directly applied to the area, but should be wrapped in a towel or blanket that will dissipate the heat to a broader area.  Remember – heat will BURN – so just like ice – no more than 30 minutes at a time is recommended.  For those of you with heating pads – remember to set a timer or make sure the heat cuts off.  Never sleep on heat – as it can cause inflammation and can ultimately cause more problems for people with certain conditions.

So there is your first tip for relief.



The second tip we recommend if  you are suffering with pain is to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

This may sound like a crazy idea, but the good news is that you’ve already taken this step by reading this report.  You understand that you are having pain, and it’s not going away, so one of the best ways to fix this is by doing something about it.

Many people get stuck in the fact that they just have to ‘LIVE WITH THE PAIN” – this is a myth! and although for a very small amount of the world who will indeed suffer with on-going pain, for MOST of you there are ways to help relieve the pain.  And even more good news is that for many of you the pain can go away for FOREVER!!!

It all depends on finding the ROOT cause of the pain.  Addressing the cause and creating a solution for correcting the cause.

The only trouble with this is that MANY people look in the WRONG place when trying to find an answer to their pain.

Just like we spoke of before – there are SEVERAL PRIMARY causes to pain and if you don’t truly understand the CAUSE of the pain – you will continue to chase relief and you’ll go from one thing to another – hoping to finally find a way to end the pain.

This is what we call the “Medical Loop Of CRAZY”.  You hop from one doctor to the next – hoping to find a way to end the pain – only for that doctor to tell you that they don’t know what to do for you, and send you off to the next doctor.

This occurs ALL THE TIME and is one of the most frustrating things I see in my office every day.

There are hundreds of people that have been to 4 or more doctors before coming to me and my offices.

We take the time to understand your issues and look for the cause of the pain.  Once the cause is located – we utilize a GROUP of physicians in various disciplines to help FIX the cause of the problem and allow your body to heal.  This helps you get out of pain quickly and stay out of pain.  This brings me to the FINAL TIP.



The third chiropractic tip to getting relief is to come and talk to a doctor that understands that there is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL answer to a person’s pain.  We’ve treated thousands of patients and have been able to customize care plans that get to the ROOT CAUSE of the problem.

Once we find the CAUSE of the problem, we are able to develop a plan that is specific for your case.  If you are having a physical problem – we’re able to work with our physical rehabilitation specialists who understand the body’s anatomy and can help create a program to strengthen and repair an injured body.

If we find a chemical issue- we are able to work with our physicians that can either prescribe the appropriate medication or can work with you nutritionally or use specific laboratory tests to create a protocol to resolve your underlying cause issues.

But Here Is The Tricky Part –

We can’t help you if we don’t see you.

That means, that you need to make a time to see our doctors who will help determine the cause of your pain and create a program that will help you eliminate the pain once and for all.

To make this easy on you – we’ve created a 3 step process to get you on the road to pain free living.

Step 1 –

Take out  your cell phone.

All of us have access to a phone, so grab your phone, or if it’s not available – grab your neighbor’s phone (It’s OKAY – it’s for a good cause)


Step 2 –

Call our offices – (336) 450-2019

You can click on the phone number and your cell phone should immediately have the information entered for you to call.  We have offices in Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem – so we’re close to you.  Pick the office that is the most convenient and they’ll take your call right away!

Step 3 –

Come in for your consultation.

Once you call, you’ll be connected with our scheduling coordinators who will be able to pick a time that works best for you and the doctor, to go over your specific health concerns.  As with most offices, we participate in most insurance programs and the care is very affordable.  You can also tell the staff that you have read our 3 tips report and are eligible for our referral special.

This program is for people who have been referred to our office and they receive priority scheduling and more…  Call today and we look forward to working with you!